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Mosquito Control
Mosquito Control

Mosquito Control Services

Mosquitos can be called as a bloodsucker pests which carries different types of germs of diseases in our body. So to defeat this tiny but strong enemy you need to avail a skillful mosquito control service. Stop! Do not worry much as we are here for you. We demand to be the best mosquito control service provider in Dhaka, Bd due to our skill on it.

The adult females are the culprit here. They seek for blood and lay their eggs in the host body while preying on them. Another fact is there which is not widely known. That both dipterous adult male and female gathers nectars from flowers too. They leave the larvae while praying or betting us. There is some existence of natural pest controllers also like frogs. They eat the eggs of mosquitoes which floats on the water.

An adult mosquito is most active from the night to dawn. They also become active if the area is dark and shady. So if you can keep your area clean and shiny then the infestation of this pest can be stopped to most extent.

It is a kind of insect that flies around us almost all the time. Especially in the winter season, they are found the most. Mosquitoes are found worldwide. In Bangladesh, almost one hundred thirteen species have been discovered. The common among them is Psorophora, Anopheles, Dengue, Mansonia, Culex, and Haemagogus. We are expert in all of these types of mosquito control service in Dhaka, Bd.

There are male and female mosquitoes involved in the production. Males are with antennas containing feather. It helps to search for females. However, after sexual intercourse females take a feed for producing eggs. Females lay eggs in any pool that have standing water. Sometimes being unconcern we help them to produce eggs by leaving rainwater in any containers. Mud puddles, watery buckets, bird baths increase the production of mosquito by giving the right environment to incubate. The numbers of eggs they lay vary from species to species. Adult mosquitoes can lay one hundred eggs at a time. The larvas look like worms and they are known as wigglers. Wigglers move in a swimming motion. Afterwards, the eggs are hatched. They feed up they become pupae. Pupae are called tumblers as they are more attributable to their tumbling motion in the water.


why need Mosquito Control service

Adult mosquitoes come out to the surface of water emerging from pupae. As soon as their body cover get harder they ready to come on.

Mosquito is such hazard to our life that steals the beautiful moments of our life. Beautiful yard time in the afternoon, a good night sleep at night, showtime at evening all are sent to a vain by them. It also the cause of severe health issues like dengue, malaria etc. Therefore the mosquito control service is very necessary for you. Go through the internet and search by “ Mosquito control service near me”. You will get what you desire. We advertise google adwords service and facebook advertisement

However, we are the best in the service. Our service includes Normal to advance pesticide spraying, mini to large fogger spraying and cleansing of drainage and treating it. We are full time available in  Dhaka, Bd. So do not forget to call us for your pest control need.     

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