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Kitchen Deep Cleaning
Kitchen Deep Cleaning

Kitchen Deep Cleaning Service

Kitchen Deep Cleaning service is a part of maintaining hygienic kitchen for preparing a delicious and healthy meal for all family members. The kitchen is a most important part of a home. Because an unhygienic and dirty Kitchen can spread diseases. The main causes of food-poisoning are a dirty Kitchen. An unhygienic and dirty Kitchen also source of cockroaches, bugs, and foul smell. So, deep kitchen cleaning is ensuring a complete degreasing and scrubbing of all kitchen appliances. It also includes removing oil marks, dirt, food stains, soot. It ensuring the cleaning process of floors, walls, and cabinets.


Cleaning Tools:
Best Kitchen Deep Cleaning service is ensuring detail cleaning every time. For make, the kitchen in top-cleaning condition following tools are used:

The most basic cleaning tool.

1.Scrub Brush:
2. Non-or Lightly Abrasive Scrubbing Pads: Use for non-stick pans, enamel-coated dishes, and regular stainless-steel pots without leaving any scratches.
3. Steel Wool: For heavy duty scrubbing
4. Plastic Scraper: Use for sweeping and digging into corners.
5. Rubber Gloves: Use for protecting the hand from cleaners and gross food.
6. Dish Cloth: Use for wiping.
7. A Grease-Cutting Dish Soap:
8. Equipment cleaning tools:
9. Dustpans & sweepers,
10. Broom,
11. Cloth Towels or Paper Towels: For clean-up quick messes and spills.
12. A Multi-Purpose Cleaner
13. Dish Drainer
14. Hand held sink auger: use to unlock a sink. e748-

Cleaning Procedure:

Kitchen deep cleaning service depends on kitchen type and uses of appliances. But the common cleaning procedures are as follows:

-Clean the Surface and utensils
-Fill the sink with hot water and a few squirts of dish soap
-Clean the Fridges and Freezers
-Dust the high zones
-Clean the upper cabinets and anything else on the walls
-Check and clean Ventilation systems
-Clean an Oven
-Spray the stovetop
-Clean the Dishwasher.
-Scrub the countertops
-Clean the coffeemaker, toaster, stand mixer, and other small appliances
-Clean the lower cabinets and drawers with a damp, soapy cloth
-Clean and Empty the trash,
-Sweep the floor
-Clean the space in between walls and equipment
-Filters and plenum chambers

Best and safe service:

A best and safe service depends on the service provider company. So, choose a perfect and professional kitchen deep cleaning service Provider to get the service to your requirements. When you make a search about “kitchen deep cleaning service near me “then you can trust U.S pest control service Dhaka based BD company.

We are using environmentally friendly organic cleaning products. Which can help to reduce pollution, conserve resources, and minimize global warming? To achieve our high standards, we are using the organic cleaning products on a regular basis.

We are always trying to provide our service with utmost perfection. We have a team of staff, who are highly skilled & professionally trained. Our friendly cleaning team only use non-toxic products and safety equipment. We always care about your health and the environment and will work closely with your needs and expectations. We make your kitchen sparkling, spotless and sanitized from the inside and out.

Our trained verified technicians will give you a germ-free kitchen at Dhanmondi, Banani, Uttara, Gulshan within the city. Our company also provide the Professionals service at urban locality all over in Bangladesh. We also provide the service of:

Home Deep cleaning,
Bathroom deep cleaning,
Carpet Cleaning
Chair/Sofa Cleaning,
Floor Deep Cleaning.

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