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Home Deep Cleaning
Home Deep Cleaning

Home Deep Cleaning

Home Deep Cleaning Service is an essential task in our busy daily life. We can divide our cleaning task into two parts one is regular and other is deep cleaning. Deep cleaning is a cleaning process which required in before a tenant comes or after leaving. Regular cleaning is done as daily, weekly or sometimes maybe monthly. Home Deep cleaning service will be done, two times in a year.

Cleaning Tools:

In our busy life, we barely get time to manage household chores. As a result, various corners of the house get started to look dirty. Unhygienic home is also unhealthy to live in. Some home cleaning tools are as follows:

  • Feather duster,
  • cleaning Brushes,
  • Household Bucket Mops,
  • Scrubs & Sponges,
  • Cleaning Gloves,
  • Brooms,
  • Scrubs & Sponges,
  • Cleaning Sets.

Cleaning Procedure:

Best home deep cleaning service needs to set up a list of for perfect cleaning. Some procedures that are can be followed:

  • Vacuuming furniture, under beds, and all rugs.
  • Cleaning windows, and door frames.
  • Checking the fire extinguishers expiration date.
  • Washing of sliding doors.
  • Cleaning light, fixtures, ceiling fans.
  • Rejected unused or expired household items

Checking smoke detector.

  • Clean Laundry room including machines.
  • Dusting Picture frames, Lamps & shades, Top of door frames,
  • Bathrooms Clean and disinfect soap dish and containers.
  • Kitchen Clean dishwasher, refrigerator, Cabinets, oven, stove inside & outside.
  • Carpet cleaning.

Best and safe service:

To find out a service provider, people make an online search of “Home deep cleaning service near me”. U.S pest control service is Dhaka based BD company who ensure you a professional home deep cleaning service. you can trust our team to:

  • Quality service and expertise.
  • Be well organized, and timely arrival.
  • Arrive with cleaning supplies and equipment.
  • Never smoke, talk on their cell phones or use any appliance while in your home.
  • Always treat your home with complete care and respect.
  • Have integrity and being good honest hard-working individuals.

We use organic cleaning products to minimize global warming and make your home environment eco-friendly. Our trained and verified technicians will give you a home deep cleaning service at Dhanmondi, Banani, Uttara, Gulshan and within the city in smart house cleaning rates. We also provide the Professionals service at urban locality all over in Bangladesh. Our company also provide the other service, such as:

Bathroom Deep Cleaning Service,

Kitchen Deep Cleaning Service,

Floor Deep Cleaning Service,

Carpet Deep Cleaning Service,

Chair / Sofa Deep Cleaning Service

Our upcoming focus on Garments sector which will be like as commercial deep Cleaning service. Bangladesh economy stands based on garments sector and garments buyer first priority safety & Cleaning. So, we focus this sector and hope so, as early as possible we will be able to service.

We also provide a home deep cleaning service for the newborn baby. Which help to reduce and remove accumulated dust, disease, and harmful bacteria.

Home deep cleaning helps us to lead a healthy life. A dirty house not only looks dirty but also causes disease. So, for safety ensure professional deep cleaning service to your entire Home.

01711162280 & 02-9841600
Middle Badda, Dhaka -1212
GA 78/A Flat #4A